They Aren’t That Interested in You

Are they really interested in me? Is she just shy? Maybe he doesn’t like talking on the telephone? Could she really be this busy? These are all questions that I am sure we all have asked at some point in getting to know someone and trying to answer that complicated question…Is she or he really interested in me??? The truth is that question shouldn’t be so complicated to answer. It is actually very simple. We make it complicated because sometimes we become invested or make excuses for the individual in question. There are many signs that will show you a person isn’t interested. Let’s talk about a 7 of those signs that will tell you they aren’t really that interested in you.

  1. He or she communicates via text or email more than talking to you on the phone or in person. Yes, we are in this new century where texting or emailing is the primary way of communicating. However, you truly can’t get to know someone through text or email. After you get to know someone maybe this is okay, but I am an old school woman and prefer phone calls or in person rather than texting. This person has no interest of really getting to know you if most of communicating is through text or email. Also, this allows the individual not to really give you undivided time and attention. He or she could be on a date for all you know.
  2. If they are still hooking up with other men or women. Really to me this should be a given. Apparently, it is not! If they are still seeing other people, they aren’t really that interested in you. They are still in a stage where maybe some level of interest is there, but they aren’t interested enough in just seeing you. Recognize it and don’t allow them to treat you like an option.
  3. They contact you at a time where they don’t expect you to respond. Maybe they will call you early in the morning or late when they assume you are sleep, while you are working, or they know you will be occupied. Maybe even when you return their call they aren’t able to answer. They just want to be able to say they called you so you will think they want to talk to you. Truth is if they really wanted to talk to you,they would contact you at a time when they know you will be available. Watch out for this!
  4. They put little time in planning your date. They call you last minute or short notice. This means they assume that you have nothing else to do and you wouldn’t turn them down. Also, you are probably not the first option. They could have had plans with someone else that could be cancelled and now need something to do. This individual is not really interested in you. You are just another number in their book. A person who is interested in you will make future plans with you.
  5. You are always the one initiating communication or dates. Are you the one doing all the calling or reaching out? If they are interested in you, there will be even exchange of communication initiating. If they are only returning your call or responding to your text, they just aren’t that interested in you. It is obvious that you are interested because you are the one reaching out. If someone is interested in you, your phone should be ringing at some point.
  6. They are always busy. It doesn’t matter how busy someone maybe. The truth is people make time for the things they want. If someone is interested in you, they will make the time to spend time with you. If someone is too busy to respond to a text, return your call, or schedule a date with you, they aren’t interested in you. You want someone who will make time to talk to you or spend time with you.
  7. They aren’t consistent. Maybe you spend time with them. Then you don’t hear from them until a week or days later. They may call you for a while and then they stop. You may notice a change in their pattern or behavior with you. Do not ignore this! When someone is interested in you they will be consistent with you.

Listen guys and gals! When someone is really interested in you, they will constantly show signs that they are interested. If you have to ask whether they are interested, they are probably not interested in you. Do not waste your time and invest more into something that really isn’t there. Do not make excuses for a person or allow them to give you excuses that you know aren’t true. A person’s words should line up with their actions. If any of these signs sound familiar, RUN! You deserve someone who consistently shows you that you are their person of interest. Don’t be so thirsty that you accept any attention you are given. You deserve the best and you are worth more than that.

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