About Founder

Most notably known for her passion to advance the Kingdom of God, Tara Middleton is a leader whose mission is to empower women spiritually, academically and financially. Her desire to fulfill her purpose has afforded her the opportunity to become an author, motivational speaker, blogger and a former columnist of “Ask Tara” in On Point magazine. Tara is currently preparing for the publishing of her first book. In addition to being an author, she is the Founder and CEO of Rare Rubies. Under the umbrella of Rare Rubies, among other functions, Tara is a leadership consultant and life coach for women of all ages.

Tara is a graduate of Francis Marion University where she received her B.S. in Biology and studied the Pre-Medical track. During her time at FMU, she mentored other collegiate women through an organization she co-led called Sister to Sister. Tara is currently serving as a minister under the leadership of her father, Dr. Ja-Don Buckner, Pastor and Founder of Walterboro Christian Center.

Tara left Corporate America and began pursuing her passion. After being inspired by her own life challenges, obstacles and experiences, she was determined to not allow women to remain the victim. Instead she assist them in discovering that they too can be victorious. Who am I? What do I want in life? How do I achieve it? Tara helps individuals answer those questions about their lives. She is a life coach who has an emphasis on counseling others. Tara draws from her natural abilities as a former educator to coach individuals, motivate, and teach the Word of God with revelation in a way that is easily understood and provokes change. She is devoted to awakening women to their purpose and guiding them as they walk in their assignments. She believes that no talent should go undiscovered and wasted. She endeavors to live life by walking fully in her purpose while living a life of integrity, love and character. She desires to leave no pages unturned or treasure buried within.



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