Doubt Cancellation

Many of us are in a season of our lives where we have been waiting on manifestation of what we are believing God for! This season has not been an easy season at all. You have been praying, fasting, laying prostrate before the Lord, and may even shed some tears. It may seem like you have been waiting and waiting forever. While you were waiting, it may seem like the pain has been increasing and you have been having to push harder than before. You may be tired and feel weak, but don’t let go! God has not forsaken you and He has not forgotten about you. Now is not the time to doubt God! You have gone through too much to turn back!

Numbers 13, 14 (please read)
This particular section of scripture deals with the children of Israel. God promised to take them into Canaan. God had already brought them out of Egypt. After sending spies to Canaan, they returned with a record of what they perceived. They saw that they land was good and had everything the Lord promised, but they also reported the giants that came along with the territory. The children of Israel were frightened and they began to doubt God. They wanted to return back to Egypt. The children of Israel had to go into the wilderness for 40 years because of their unbelief and disobedience. The land was promised to them, but they let other people’s perception scare them away from the promise land. They were fearful and wanted to stay with what was familiar to them. They were warned of the giants, but didn’t want to work to defeat them.

Does this sound familiar to any of you? If God is leading you to a new place, then follow God. If God promised you something, then you have to trust and believe Him. You can’t let what others are saying around you keep you from your place of destiny. People may be around you who may tell you what you should do based on their perception of your situation. Those spies I mentioned above told the children of Israel what they perceived. Newsflash (for those of you that aren’t already aware): Everyone that is around you is not for you! Sometimes even the people who are closer to you may not understand why you are making that decision. Guess what, it doesn’t matter! The conditions may not look favorable for you to make that decision at this point in the game, but you have to trust God.

My dad said something yesterday I found interesting. He was talking about marriage in particular, but this can be applied to all areas of your life. He said” God may tell you to do something that looks totally different than what everyone else did around you. God calls people into marriages differently..everyone doesn’t have the same testimony. So what? There are no rules to the game!”

Okay, the conditions didn’t look favorable for Mary to birth Jesus, but He was born! Against all the things that was opposing the birth, Jesus was still born. You have to follow the voice of God. Remember the desire inside of you to move into that land was placed there by God. It’s not new to Him! If he told you to move, then you must move. At this point, you can’t afford to doubt God. You have come too far and have gone through too much.

Doubt is to be uncertain about; consider questionable, unlikely, hesitate to believe, or to distrust. Fear lies at the bottom of doubt. It’s the foundation of doubt. The root of anything that is not of God comes back to fear! It’s the devil! Don’t let doubt keep you from moving into the promised land. Say goodbye to “Egypt” and move into “Canaan”! If God says it’s good for you, then it’s good for you! God gives us each a choice. He isn’t going to force His will upon you, He just simply expresses His wishes. Listen to your heart and move forward. The doubt and fear has to be cancelled out. Stop trying to look into Canaan and look what you can see in the natural. Get focused on what you see in the spiritual. The children of Israel was so close to the manifestation, but their own actions got them sent into the wilderness.

For some of you this could be the place where you felt like you have been in forever. You feel like you just are going in circles, and nothing seems to be changing. Listen to God and move! Don’t abort your promise to return to that wilderness!
In the natural, abortions are only given within certain timelines of the pregnacy. That is done for many reasons including, protection of the fetus, and physical and psychological reasons for the mother. Only the mother can decide whether, she will have an abortion. It’s the same in the spiritual, the only way a promise can be aborted is if we decide to abort the promise. You don’t wait until you get to the end to start doubting. You have to remain steadfast.

The semester I was supposed to graduate from college, things happened that caused me not to return to school. Two years passed, and I faced many obstacles tying to get back into school. Many people tried to get me to return before then, but it wasn’t the right time. In the natural, things just didn’t look favorable for me to return when I did. However, God made a way. Classes had already started back and I missed the first week of school. I had to commute 160 miles a day and I wasn’t able to work. I graduated, and not a day went by that I lacked for anything. He made a way because I was obedient to His voice. If it’s a new level in your ministry, purchasing a new car, buying a new house, starting a new business, starting a new job, or even going back to school, go forth! Move into the new land, don’t let fear hinder you. You have to cancel all the doubt by trusting God and keeping His Word in your mouth!

Remember it’s all about perception! If you perceive what others call giants to be in that new unfamiliar land to be giants, then you will have giants to face. You have to know God has already given you the victory! Remember the One who lives in the inside of you. He knew you could handle everything that He is bringing you into. You are already equipped for the journey! He won’t lead you to a dry brook or take you to a new place to be disappointed! Now is the time to trust God…it’s time to cancel the doubt! It’s time for doubt cancellation!

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