Our lives our filled with choices. Every day we make choices down to the very simple things in life. The road we will travel in life depends on the choices we make. I am a firm believer that we can’t take shortcuts in life trying to birth our true desires. The easiest and most comfortable road always seems to be more appealing in our mind but never our hearts. Why do we look for an easy way out? Is it because we are afraid of facing the obstacles that might be presented? We will choose another path simply of what MIGHT not happen never considering the antithesis of that thing being birthed from it. This sadly disappoints me in believers, especially those who are mature believers. The truth is there is no such thing as an easier route in God, when birthing out our purpose and desires. Sure it may appear to be an easier, but when it not producing what we truly desire it will cost us much more. It’s more expensive to travel the road that isn’t designed to produce what we desire nor what God desires for us.

What amazes me is that some of us start traveling these roads knowing that they aren’t capable of producing what we need it to produce. Some may find out later in the journey and still continue to travel the path. Yet, we pray and ask God to make it birth what you desire from it. We ask God to make the path easier for a road WE chose to take after abandoning what HE has spoken. The thing is one road will lead to your heart’s cry and the other will lead you absolutely nowhere. It’s nowhere because if you aren’t fulfilling your purpose and destiny, where is it that you think you are going? Purpose is the reason we exist. However, destiny is the choices and actions we make to get there. I have learned a long time ago to stop making my own rules and choosing paths that only appear that it’s capable of producing a thing. I have traveled it only to find out that it doesn’t quite fit the bill. It sometimes has been this one little thing that I knew that God desired for me was missing. In the end, it will leave you dissatisfied and drain you. Therefore I choose to travel the paths that will produce God given results , in spite of the obstacles I MAY have to face.

When is the last time that God MADE you do something? Some of us blame God on things that He isn’t involved with at all. Did He make you go to work today? Does He make you get up in the morning? God expresses His desires for us, but He won’t make you do it. Some of us wait on God to make us do what He wants us to do. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. He leads us and directs our paths, but He doesn’t force us to do anything. God loves us so much that He even gives us time to get back on the right path. He always gives us a way of escape or a window of opportunity. However, saints this is not the season where we think we have so much time to get back on the right path. You will abort the promise. Listen, you aren’t irreplaceable. Don’t get so comfortable that you think you are the only person that is able to do a thing. Those who don’t get with the vision in this season, you might as well welcome in your replacement. The show must go on and one person won’t stop the show. So, don’t waste any more time traveling down a road only wishing that it will produce what you desire.

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