The Cupcake Story

Me: (inwardly) I want some cake

Phone rings 15min later

Sister: I just got you a cherry limeade cupcake

Me: I just said I wanted cake

Sister: Well, God heard you because I had passed the store and had to do a u-turn to get back. The thought came for me to get you one..

Remember everyone… God hears ALL of your prayers and desires. He is concerned about everything that concerns you. You will have whatever you speak. When you KNOW that, there are going to be things that you will just think about that you will see manifest. Thank God for favor!!!


#forthewin #ireallydontneedthis #sikeireallydo #faith#believe #favor #winning #foodporn #iblog #motivate#inspire #faithingit #thankful#yesallofthisforacupcake

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