Is it Worth It?

I believe many of us are in a place right now where we are waiting on the manifestation of a promise in our lives. I’m sure it hasn’t been the easiest process! For some of you, I’m sure it’s been the most challenging. Giving birth to our desires, dreams, and goals are similar to a woman giving birth in the natural. The first few months of the pregnancy no one may even know you are expecting. As time grows you start to show more and you become more uncomfortable. You go through changes that you normally don’t experience. As time progresses, you start carrying the weight of that baby. The closer the mother gets to the time of delivery the more uncomfortable she gets. Then the water breaks and the labor pains increase. It’s the same for us as we are giving birth to those dreams, desires, and goals that we have been carrying for so long. It may seem as things have been more challenging and it can be one of the most difficult times that you have been experiencing. Now is not the time to allow your fears, doubts, insecurities, anxieties, or worries to stop you from birthing what you desire. Don’t allow the enemy to fool you and convince you to throw in the towel now. The closer you are to victory, the more pressure you start to feel. The enemy wants you to believe it’s not going to happen and it’s no use for you to hold on to these dreams anymore. Keep pushing; you are only one push away. Once it is birthed, all of the pain that you experienced will seem minimal to the blessing that you now have. So don’t let the enemy mess with your mind by asking you “Is it worth it?” Yes it is worth the wait! Things can shift in your favor overnight. Wake up every day thinking today is the day that the promise is manifesting for me! Today is my set time for favor!

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